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RayTalk Industries designs, develops and manufacturers advanced professional Wireless Lan technologies for Data, Voice and Video transmissions in IEEE802.11 abg/h Wi-Hi, Hiper Lan and Wi-MAX standard and it is the first WLan technologies manufacturer in Italy: operating on the telecommunication since 1995, Wireless Lan Specialist since 2000.
 The structure of RayTalk Industries is divided in specialized divisions for every strategic area from the technical support to the manufacture and assures solid and innovative solutions thanks to the continuous research and technological development.


Certificazione Raytalk

Product certification

By the RayTalk’s laboratories are effected all preliminary tests for the certification of the prototypes of wireless devices which will be send to the mass production. Thanks to the partnership with important authorities of notification of international significance, all RayTalk devices are put on the market in whole conformity with the exigent European and Italian riles. Being in close contact with institutions and research centres, RayTalk put on the top the product quality in order to guarantee reliability and performances without compromise.


RayTalk Industries is an UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer in order to guarantee its italian and international customers and partners the maximum level of quality and reliability, providing to certify its processes in order to maintain a high standard efficiency and competitiveness.


Custom Made Solutions

Thanks to its over 10-years presence on the vertical markets of the industrial wireless applications and of the Geographic Outdoor Wireless Lan infrastructure, RayTalk is the only Italian manufacturer of Professional Wireless Technologies able to develop Hardware and Software/Firmware “Custom Made” solutions realized in accordance with the specific needs of the project or of the business model that the WISP, the TELCO operator or the client means to implement.
The RayTalk’s WISP Total Solution plans both the whole carrying out of the technological WISP architecture and the integration of a pre-existing infrastructure in order to maximize the already made investiments and optimize the future ones.

Italian R&D

Ricerca e sviluppo

RayTalk Industries is the first developer of professional Wireless Lan technologies in Italy with its own R&D fully staffed by Italian engineers and technicians specialized in Telecommunications, Electronics and Networking.
The R&D Team 1 develops the software and the advanced functionalities of the devices, as well as the special firmware releases for innovative wireless applications.
The R&D Team 2 makes specific researches about the radio frequency, as well as designs and tests the advanced industrial hardware on which will be manufactured the prototypes for the new generation wireless devices which will guarantee highest standard of reliability, performances and competition.


Product range


RayTalk Wireless Professional is the first Specialized Catalogue advancerd for professional Wireless Lan products offered from an European Vendor. The product catalogue offers the most complete and wide assortment of vetrtical solutions for.
Il catalogo prodotti propone la pił completa e vasta gamma di soluzioni verticali per:
- Geographic Wireless Outdoor
- Digital Divide
- Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)
- TELCO operators
- Municipal Wireless
- Municipal Wireless Hot Spot Internet Access
- IP Wireless video surveillance Indoor and Outdoor
- Wireless Hot Spot Roaming (Hot Zone)
- Industrial Wireless Indoor for logistic management and mobility
- Restaurant industry and tourist market
- Hot Spot Internet Access Indoor and Outdoor
- Wireless Voice over IP (VoIP) and Nomadic VoIP


B2B Offer & Consulting

The Presales & MKT team is specialized in Consulting, Feasiblility Study and Design of industrial wireless infrastructures and of territorial outdoor wireless covering systems. The customer technical support is flexible and follows the needs, the criticality and the dimension of the customer, guaranteeing the right solution of general and specific problems both in service and in products.

RayTalk WISP Total Solution


Feasibility study

- Environment studies and technical-economic consideration for implementation of wireless territorial structures on an expansive geographic scale and the distribution of services (Internet, VoIP, residential or territorial video surveillance, ecc.).

Business plan & model

- It is a RayTalk model dedicated to those who want to invest in order to become WISP, and on which base the own strategies about gains and costs.

Wireless & Wired integrated design

- Logical definition of wireless operator’s network plan in terms of system architecture (Access Network, Transport Network, OSS/BSS Structure).

Installation support

- Start-up and installation support of the devices.

Remote management

- Remote support of the configuration of the whole WISP infrastrucure.

On-service support

- Support of the network and services operative exercise.

Advanced service implementation

- Creation and implementation of advanced services (VoIP, WebTV, ecc.).

Migration ed extention of pre-existend Networks and services

- Planning and implementative support during the whole life cycle of the infrastructure.

Administrative and procedural consulting

- Bureaucratic procedure suppport for the Institutions operating with the issue of authorizations and with the controlls (Ministry of Communications and its territorial divisions).


The Training

Wireless Academy

Raytalk accademy

The RayTalk’s Wireless Academy is the only structure of its kind in Italy and RayTalk is the first manufacturer of Wireless technologies in Italy to offer a multi-disciplinary training model turned to the trade operators.

The Wireless Academy has a large course room which can caters for over 60 people with desks equiped for Notebook use for the technician course or 100 seats for the refresher commercial courses or in-depth educational, technological and regulatory conferences.

The RayTalk Wireless Academy makes use of teaching of specialized technicians which are on the staff of RayTalks’s R&D, as well as of the contribution of university teacher and/or external rappresentative which illustrate  specific technological, applicative and regulatory aspects used by the Wireless Applications.



RayTalk turns to B2B market, i.e to Installers, System Integrators and VAR; It offers consulting and “Custom Made” solutions for Pubblic Administration and Police, WISP and TELCO Operators.
RayTalk works directly or through distributors in the markets of the 27 Countries of the enlarged European Community.


Genial Wireless Applications

The RayTalk’s R&D has developed some ‘special release’ devices specifically manufactured for estreme and vertical applications, proper ingenious solutions for wireless use in applicative non-conventional environments.
RayTalk is internationally known thanks to the Genial Wireless Applications with case histories among which:

- RayTalk for Everest-K2 in 2004 with a 40Kmq Wi-Fi  Hot Spot at an altitude of 8611mt
- RayTalk for Public Security in 2006 with the Industrial Patent for mobile video surveillance
- RayTalk for Archaeology in 2005-2008 with the Wireless Video Live Streaming Internet System for the Ministry of Cultural Heritage
- RayTalk for Municipal Wireless with the “Wireeless Province of Rimini” Project and Hot Spot Library Network for which they received the “Municipal Wireless Award 2007”.


Raytalk per il k2

Raytalk for archeology

Raytalk for security

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