Hot Spot Access Point & Multi Network Access Control with Account Printer - WDS, Public+Private Network, Time+Mb

RayTalk RA-595 is a Wi-Fi Access Point which integrates an Authentication and Billing System for the Hot Spot Management for public web access and at the same time works as Gateway for a private Network.

RA-595 is able to manage both the Authentication and the Rating of the users as well to provide for the web-surfing tracing of every single user in conformity with the Italian antiterrorism rules.

The RA-595 Radio Module works at 2,4GHz in Wi-Fi IEEE802.11bg standard, features two detachable 2dBi sprinter antennas with Diversity and supports a 54Mbps Bitrate standard.

RA-595 Hot Spot Access Point is furnished with a thermal printer which allows the issue of tickets with user accounts in easy and immediate way through a simply push of the programmable keys.

for more information, please refer to the data sheet.


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