Single Radio Wireless Outdoor Bridge with Integrated 5GHz Antenna

- 5GHz, 14dBi integrated antenna
- HiperLAN IEEE802.11a/h standard
- up to 10Mbps troughput at 5Km (RT-Link1105S)
- Master or Slave selectable Modality (1 Master and up to 4 Slaves)
- Advanced Integrated Software Tools

- HiperLAN standard radio module up to 23 dBm (200 mW)
- Integrated antenna @5GHz (14dBi, H33° x E37°)
- Master or Slave operating mode selectable via software (1Master to 4 Slaves)
- Site Survey, Antenna Alignment, Software Watchdog, Throughput Test for Radio Tuning, VLAN Management, Access Control List, Spanning Tree Protocol
- WPA / WPA2 support for network security
- IEEE 802.3af compliant (dedicated passive PoE power adapter)


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