Subscriber Gateway

Created from the RTS series experience, this device evolves through new functions in order to satisfy the needs of the medium developers and internet network companies both Wireless and cabled.

Thanks to the functionality support as NAT, Router and bridge this device guarantees full compatibility with the existing LANs and a programmed management thanks to the support of the VLANs.

High security standards thanks to the integrated management of the authentication on standards as 802.1x, LDAP, POP3 and NT Server and to the integrated packet filtering firewall.

Easy and full management of the users:
- Internal and external users
- Easy management of the “guest” users on the Wireless Lan.
- Network access through diversified policies for the management of multiple user categories.
- Control of the flexible access to the Network through the LAN segments and between LAN and WAN.
- Band limitation for the single user which allows to manage the traffic in the most various environments RTS-800 offers different levels of services based on band, time and number of accesses.

All this data are traceable in real time thanks to the detailed logs for analysis. The PMS (Property Management System) software of third parties is fully supported. The authentication process of the users is made through encrypted Web pages with SSL, on the screen appears a page requests username and password, once entered the data.

RTS-800 makes a database control that can be internal and/or external.

for more information, please refer to the data sheet.


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