Access Point IP68, IEEE802.11b/g, Removable Double Antenna Diversity with WDS, PtP/PtMP Private Tunnell with RB-170, Housing IP68 certified

RayTalk RA-180 is a potent native IP68 Outdoor Access Point for Industrial Wireless Applications, Outdoor Wi-Fi Internet Hot Spot and IP Wireless video surveillance systems.

The RA-180 advanced radio module works at 2,4GHz in Wi-Fi IEEE802.11bg standard. The device supports a 54Mbps Bitrate standard to 108Mbps in combination with RB-170, RA-180 and RB-170M (the compatibility of the other devices depend on the used chipset).

The RA-180 power is adjustable via software for a maximum of 21dBm. The maximal power limits by law are 20 dBm@WiFi and must be observed considering the RF Power, the loss due to the connectors/cable and the gain of the certificated antennas.

for more information, please refer to the data sheet.


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