RayTalk Industries projects, develops and manufactures advanced professional Wireless Lan technologies for Data, Voice and Video based on IEEE802.11 a/b/g/h/n Wi-Fi standard and HiperLan transmissions and is the first manufacturer of WLAN technologies in Italy: operating on the telecommunication market since 1995, Wireless Lan Specialist since year 2000. The research and development has been always totally focused on radio technologies and especially on Wireless Lan solutions based on IEEE 802.11a/h or TDD (Time Division Duplex) protocols for HiperLan data transmissions at 5GHz and on IEEE 802.11b/g protocols for data transmissions according to the ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) frequencies band at 2.4GHz.



Besides the IEEE 802.11n standard final approval, RayTalk proposes very high performances solutions based on MiMo (Multiple Input and Multiple Output) radio techniques operating both in 5GHz band and 2,4GHz. The MiMo solution combined to the utilization of double polarization antennas (Vertical + Horizontal) it´s at the basis of the RayTalk radio outdoor link propose at very high throughout and of simple and practical installation.



RayTalk Industries applies a company quality system which guarantees a Quality Assurance policy of the product either than the total quality, that has permitted to RayTalk to obtain important collaborations and activities among all the Law Forces, the University of Bologna, the CNR National Researches Center, Terna S.p.a., many research centres, national operators, industries, and Italian P.A. (Public Administration).


RayTalk technological solutions are also included into the ´Drive lines for the adoption of the wireless technologies in the public administration´ of CNIPA National Center for Computer science in the Italian Public Administration.



RayTalk technologies are the object of an important project within the Industria 2015 ambit - projects for the made in Italy, in collaboration with Polytechnic of Milan, UniBO, CNR and an important pool of technological companies inside the Smart Tutor project driven by Octotelematic S.p.a.




The RayTalk technological proposal, totally oriented to the Wireless Lan world, is integrated by a complete offer of antennas, accessories, cables, connectors, filters, splitters, surge protections... for the complete realization and installation of Wireless Lan systems. The enormous variety of proposed dedicated antennas (2,4GHz, 5GHz, dual band, vertical, circular or double polarized, with adjustable gain, omni-directional, sprinter, directional, sectorial, vehicular...) is not only meticulously verified in each electromagnetic and mechanical parts, but even tested and certified in RayTalk laboratories in order to have the best performances (VSWR, impedance matching…) in the associated utilization with RayTalk devices.


Additionally to all of this, the enormous proposal of accessories and cables of different specifications and lengths, allows to optimize the correct installation and regulation of the system also in the most hostile and complex situations. Furthermore, very remarkable is the RayTalk flexibility in hardware, firmware and software proposal for the realization of new wireless installations but also for the integration of already existing mixed infrastructures, always maintaining the guarantee of scalability in the time of the implemented solutions. Based on the typology of the applications, the hardware proposal can then consider the suitable housing choice: for indoor or outdoor, plastic or metallic, with IP66, IP67 o IP68 level of protection, with integrated or external antenna, with one or more connectors for diversity solutions, with antistatic protection integrated on the RF part or on the Ethernet port...



Moreover, the specific request of performances defines the correct PCBA Platform to design (CPU, Ram, Flash, slot miniPCI, Ethernet cases, PoE power supply...) as well as the correct choice of the radio module (requested compatibility with Chipset architectures, single or multi standard at 2,4GHz and 5GHz, connector powers up to 18-26dBm, MiMo solutions...). RayTalk knowhow is then mainly focused on the research and development of new firmware solutions to implement onto the wireless devices (operational mode like Access Point, Hot Spot, Bridge, Client, CPE, Mesh Node...) with one or more radio modules, single or multi standard.



In order to finalize the wireless application solutions, RayTalk proposes Radio Planning and Site Survey professional softwares and furthermore advanced software platforms of network administration and user accounting.




To guarantee the total reliability of the wireless solutions to be installed in extreme outdoor environments, RayTalk has different experimental testbeds installed in proximity of his base Company in San Marino and even in the Italian territory, in which services and applications, realizable on WLan networks, are tested for long periods of time.



This allows to verify and to improve, beyond the tests in laboratory, the reliability of the devices, the mechanical resistance to severe weather, the behavior in presence of radio interferences... guaranteeing the full reliability of the proposed solutions. All of this is not only worth for the devices, but also and particularly for all those system components as antennas, accessories, cables, connectors, filters, splitter, anti-static protections... necessary to close the installation. Moreover starting from the results obtained in the field, it is possible to optimize and recalibrate the tuning of the radio planning softwares used for the simulation both of the Point to Point links and of the radio coverage for the services distribution.



RayTalk testbed are at disposal of all those operators or potential customers interested to test in the field RayTalk technologies, turning this installed deployment into a Try & Buy opportunity to personally verify the solutions and the typologies of equipments and services that the operator wants to implement for his clients in his territory.




Wireless links are more and more the ideal solution for the integration of different solutions and technologies based on IP protocol.



Starting from mobile or in mobility videosurveillance, up to data transfer within automotive means and the possibility to transmit over IP the Voice or the video streaming... toward such and other applications RayTalk has always directed the development and the integration of his own wireless solutions increasing constantly his internal technical knowhow. All the application and the integration solutions have always been studied and verified in laboratory and then fully tested in the field in the different RayTalk´s testbeds. So very remarkable is the experience matured during many years by RayTalk´s technicals in facing in a eclectic way every type of project that foresees the integration of heterogeneous technologies thanks also to the analyses and the activities of joined planning developped directly by our researchers and engineers, that are continually available to all those people that establishes a direct relationship with RayTalk Industries.




When the installation of equipments for data, voice and images transmission via Wireless has to happen in places wide away from inhabited centers or, however, where it is not available the electric supplying, it is necessary to furnish innovative but reliable answers.



The experiences made following various installations and experimentations in the field, among which the one more impressive has seen the use of photovoltaic panels on pylons of high tension wires, have permitted to acquire the whole knowhow necessary for the correct sizing of solutions based on the photovoltaic technology for the supply of wireless stand alone equipments. The technological proposal includes the correct sizing of the photovoltaic panels, of the batteries and of the electronic regulator with digital display, everything assembled inside a solid external cabinet. The solution is completed through the integration of a GSM relay for the remote control of the wireless devices Reset and the Alert signaling in presence of events of various nature. To guarantee the total continuity service the wireless device can be doubled and automatically switched or manually from remote always through the GSM controller. For applications that foresee particular installations as in the case of pylon of the high tension wires, RayTalk has planned special types of brackets (sleeves, U brackets, band-it...), approved also by Terna S.p.a., worldwide electricity distribution network operator.




Main point is the experience matured in the years in the development of varied solutions for the authentication of consumers both for the Internet access and for Hot Spot services.



The RayTalk technological research in the field of the authentication has brought to stand alone solutions with printer able, through session trace, to log the users. For applications of authentication in more complex environments or managed by WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) operators RayTalk can provide more strong and rack mountable solutions or complex software platforms to be installed on dedicated hardware servers able to introduce effective administrations of band and Quality of Service to support an elevated number of users inside an concentrated wireless net. The ability to manage a hot spot network worked out by RayTalk, today allows to correctly measures coverage areas and Hot Spot systems, either on the ability of connection of the single clients or on the specific necessities of simultaneous access.



For example the realization made for the Imola autodrome has foreseen the installation of special walled Access Point able to manage on small surfaces the request of simultaneous connection of hundreds of users through a platform of centralized authentication, that checks an elevated series of Access Point capillarily distributed.




RayTalk Industries has chosen to protect and patent the intellectual ownership of some great inventiveness projects like the Industrial Invention patent: Telecomunications System in Radiofrequency for Mobile Operator, in particular for Video-Surveillance.


The innovation of the developed system consists of supplying mobile Wireless access to pedestrian users (agent, policeman, fireman, rescuer, vigilant...) so that the operator can transmit or receive video and audio digital informations, through the realization of a videosurveillance Wireless Network for the control of the territory, using a mobile transport (motor vehicle, aircraft, naval ship, aerostat) which behaves as a repeater bridge. This mobile transport has a Camera for Real Time shooting and recording and a Wireless equipment able to transmit the audio/video live action. The principal applications, besides specifically concerning the various sectors of the public security like police, vigilance, safety of the territory; they are also aimed at the realization of implementable Mobile Nets in critical situations of Disaster Recovery for Civil protection, Public Security, Fire brigade, Red Cross and generally emergency situations. In the last few years numerous activities have seen employed some of these solutions of videosurveillance in mobility. We can mention RayTalk for K2-Everest, with the first mobile network for data voice and video and RayTalk for Archaeology, with the famous case history that have seen the born of the figure of ´archeocameramen´, and the live video on the web with wireless systems of taping in mobility. Today these experiences based on the concept of mobility, are about to be converted by RayTalk in the new Infomobility solutions for applications of ´car to infrastructure´ type, in line with what will be defined by the next standards like for example the IEEE 802.11p. ´car to car´ e ´car to infrastructure´.




RayTalk Wireless Academy is the only structure in its kind in Italy and RayTalk is the first producer of Wireless technologies in Italy to propose a multi disciplinary model operators directed to the sector operators.



RayTalk Academy is considered as operational and formative instrument for the diffusion of the knowledge of the Wireless technologies and RayTalk products, directed to technicals and commercials of the Distributors, Retailers, System Integrator, ISP, WISP. Wireless Academy has a great room that can hold more than 60 people with equipped desk to use Notebook for the technical courses or 100 sessions in the stalls for courses of commercial updating or seminars of cultural, technological and normative close examination. RayTalk Wireless Academy uses the teaching of the specialized technicians of his Research and Development Department, over that of contributions of university external Teachers and /or super partes representatives to illustrate specific technological, application or normative aspects applied to the world of the Wireless Applications.


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