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Introduction to the RadioLanTelecommunication

Specific RadioLan prepatory course for technical and commercial staff


Technical/Commercial training courses

Theoretical base training on the wireless technology for presales and sales managers


Basic/Expert/Advance Installation courses

A cycle of 3 theoretical/practical training courses to learn the placing and the installation of outdoor and indoor wireless systems structured on several levels


HotSpot Day

How to carry out Indoor and Outdoor Wireless systems for Pubblic Internet Access


IP Wireless video surveillance

How to apply IP video surveillance systems on Indoor and Outdoor wireless networks

Municipal Wireless

How to structure wireless municipal nerworks for supplying of complex services


Become WISP

This course is dedicated to the WISP operators that mean to expand their own infrastructire making a technological jump toward innovative services


Courses of RayTalk’s partner certification

Course for RayTalk’s Partner Certification to become RayTalk Wireless Specialist and access to a technical and commercial range of opportunities


Starter Kit

The RayTalk’s Starter Kit is a supply of materials including Indoor/Outoor devices, Antennas and accessories to make field tests and Site Survey. The purchase of the Starter Kit may be bound or optional depending on the course type.

Wellcome to the RayTalk’s Wireless Academy.


The RayTalk’s Wireless Academy is the only structure of its kind in Italy and RayTalk is the first manufacturer of Wireless technologies in Italy to offer a multi-disciplinary training model turned to the trade operators.

The Wireless Academy has a large course room which can caters for over 60 people with desks equiped for Notebook use for the technician course or 100 seats for the refresher commercial courses or in-depth educational, technological and regulatory conferences.


The RayTalk Wireless Academy makes use of teaching of specialized technicians which are on the staff of RayTalks’s R&D, as well as of the contribution of university teacher and/or external rappresentative which illustrate  specific technological, applicative and regulatory aspects used by the Wireless Applications.


Thanks to the availability of set locations the trainees make some radio tests of Wireless Indoor covering in industrial environments, Site Survey in wide area and exsperiment Outdoor links up to 10Km having a full technical and logistical support.

The aim of the RayTalk training corse is to offer theoretical and pratical know-how necessary for the designing, realization, certification and maintenance of professional Wireless systems. All major application are analized: the Wi-Fi Indoor coverings in industrial or enterprise environment, as well as Hot Spots for public access to Internet, up to Wireless Outdoor Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint links and Mesh Network solutions for Geographic Wireless, WMAN and Municipal Wireless infrastruttures.


The programs of the single courses are organized in flexible way in order to adjust themselves to the needs and to the learning possibility of the single trainees. In this way the participant is able to acquire a targeted know-how which can be applied immediately on its own business model.

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